Day 44- June 8, 2015 Garlic Parmesan Penne 

Happy Monday! So this dish received mixed reviews from the family. I got a “seems bland” and a “you did good work”. I personally thought it was very good. The flavor of the garlic was strong but not overpowering and the sauce was cheesy but not too heavy. The noodles cooked up well and instead of waiting until the noodles cooked to start the sauce, I made the sauce while the noodles were cooking, strained the noodles and then covered them in the sauce. All in total took about 30minutes to make. Very simple, not many ingredients and quite good if you ask me! Try it.


Day 43- June 3, 2015 Spinach lasagna roll ups

Super good! Super easy! Super quick! Simply super! This is lasagna in a roll up. It’s really good and if you don’t like spinach it’s perfect for you. I couldn’t taste it one bit and it was tasty. I’d recommend this for a vegetarian meal. Or if you want to add meat than that can easily be done! Really delicious!

Day 42- June 2, 2015 Shredded crockpot chicken tacos

I like tacos. I like making tacos but once in a while you just need a change. Regular plain old tacos get boring and bland. This recipe allows for something different but still something good. The recipe calls for taco seasoning but I didn’t have any on hand so I used a chile packet to season along with salsa. I also made some cilantro lime rice to go with it and corn. I like to make a burrito type thing with rice and corn. I topped it with cheese and salsa. You can also add lettuce, tomato, sour cream, taco sauce, or a variety of salsa. It was an easy, clean, delicious meal. Good luck and make it your own!

Day 41- June 1, 2015 Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa 

Happy Monday all. I have to admit, I have been slacking on my posts. I promise I will do better! Today we had breakfast for dinner. We had some breakfast quinoa. We have had many things with quinoa. Including, quinoa pizza, patties, and quinoa as a side dish. All of those I throughly enjoyed. This, unfortunately, I did not enjoy. It had too much of a dirt taste even with washing and correct care instructions. It was sweet enough for my taste and with the cold milk it gave it a strange feeling. What I suggest is, warm the milk up as well as the blueberries. It makes it more of an oatmeal. You still may not like it but it could make it a little better. Try it, who knows!

Day 40- May 27, 2015Chicken Alfredo pizza

This is a white pizza. There is no red sauce on it. But the thing is, there isn’t cheese in the sauce. The mean was pretty easy to make. We didn’t use the same cheeses that it called for but it came out really delicious. My only tip when you make this is to make sure and cut the chicken smaller and in slices rather than cubes. We ate almost all of the pizza with just the four of us. Really good! It had a good flavor of cheese and garlic and it wasn’t overwhelming.

Day 38- May 19, 2015 Chicken Parm Casserole 

 This is a really good recipe. I love chicken parm! I love eating the chicken and the cheese and everything all together. It is super easy and a good thing to cook if you want something simple, easy, and something everyone likes. We used whole wheat pasta and it was really good. Plus I added three cheeses. The chicken came out perfectly and the pasta was really delicious! A good recipe for sure.