Day 51- June 23, 2015 Tator Tot Casserole 

 This recipe is something that people have heard about but may have never actually never tried it or cooked it before. The dinner tonight was a crowd pleaser. Everyone liked it because all the elements in the casserole were things that everyone enjoys. As usual, instead of ground beef we used ground turkey. It tasted very good and it was nice and cheesy. I enjoyed it, the 6 year old enjoyed it and the grandparents enjoyed it! We had no leftovers! So, if you want something really easy and really simple for dinner, try this.


Day 50- June 22, 2015 Creamy Garlic Parmesan Quinoa and kielbasa

It’s Monday folks! Today we had a very good meal! Started the week off with some bbq kielbasa and quinoa as a side item. This was the best variation of quinoa so far. We had a dinner guest and he is a picky eater. I told him to try all the food and when he took a bite of the quinoa he loved it! Something he would have never tried, he ended up having seconds. I was pleasantly surprised by his reaction. Everyone really enjoyed this dinner and the quinoa was the best part! It had a good texture and the flavor was powerful but very good and not overwhelming. Good start to the week!

Day 49- June 19, 2015 Blackened Tilapia and Blackened Pork Chops 


Tonight we made our first fish recipe! I personally don’t eat fish but some others in my household do. For me and the others that eat meat we had pork chops instead of the fish. The rub was similar for both. It wasn’t too spicy but it had a little kick to it which was enjoyable. I was told the fish was good but could have used less rub on the fish. Also the pork chops, for my taste, needed to be cooked longer than 2 minutes. Overall though the meal was an enjoyable Friday dinner! We had rice as a side to balance out the spicy runs for each of the proteins. Have a good weekend.

Day 48- June 17, 2015 BBQ chicken and applesauce

It’s Wednesday! This week we are having some summer recipes! Today is BBQ chicken and applesauce. I have made these things before but I have never actually used a recipe for any of it. The chicken recipe calls for a certain type of bbq sauce but I couldn’t find it so inside we used “Sonny’s original BBQ sauce”. The sauce was amazing and made the chicken taste even more amazing. I also added some cheese and French fried onions on top for some extra flavor. That added character! 

The applesauce was also quite delicious! I usually put too much of this or too much of that in it but using this recipe, it came out perfect! Everyone enjoyed this taste of summer ☀️

Day 47- June 16, 2015 Stuffed Pancakes and bacon

This is a good meal for a small amount of people. It is also a good meal for a picky eater. You can put just about anything inside that you would like. I started off with a blueberry and Bavarian cream stuffed pancake. I also had a nuttella and Bavarian cream stuff pancake. Both were very good options! The blueberry one felt more like breakfast whereas the nuttella one tasted more like an éclair. Some other things we stuffed the pancakes with included Greek yogurt, strawberries, bananas, honey, and syrup. So many options for so many people. This was really good and super easy.

Day 46- June 10, 2015 Crust less Meat Pie 

For this I couldn’t find a recipe exactly. I found a meat pie recipe and I used that recipe for the meat and the. I just made biscuits for the “crust less” part. It was like christmas all over again. The meal was really easy to make and it was quite a unique take on what a meat pie is. Everyone ate it a different way. Some made a biscuit sand which and others ate it all separately. Some used gravy and others did not. I personally feel the gravy gives it a unique flavor and has it less dry. We also used turkey meat rather than pork and/or beef. All in all I’d say it was a successful meal. Try it!

Day 45- June 9, 2015 Chicken Taquitos 

These were very good. They were the perfect amount of spice and chicken mixture. We used cream cheese and that gave it a unique and interesting flavor. We also had out of town guests and they too enjoyed it! There was a baby and he thoroughly enjoyed the food and the spice wasn’t too bad for him. “Very good. Excellent. Love it” the chef said and she was right!