Day 28- April 20, 2015 Spinach artichoke dip melts



Well it’s the beginning of the week. I decided on something I thought would be simple to make and tasty to eat. 

This was one out of two! Very good. I didn’t have the right kind of bread so we couldn’t quite make sandwiches with them but we had some nice dip and bread as well as carrots and celery. 

The recipe is quite hard to make though. Make sure when you make it that you have everything pre-measured because you won’t have time to measure it out as its cooking (I learned the hard way!). I also got the wrong artichokes, mine were marinated, so that added some extra flavor. That worked out well though. 

This food was good. No pleasurable for the entire family but those of us who ate it thoroughly enjoyed it! 

Spinach and Artichoke Melts


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